Growth Milestone


Launching a New Brand "Galleon Pump" and expanding into Overseas Markets.


Rated as a Provincial Enterprise Technology Center.


● Signed strategic cooperation supplier agreement with Shandong Gold Group.


● Listed in National New Specialty Little Giant Enterprise.


Second Generation self-balancing multistage centrifugal pumps (MD720-60x10P) were delivered for use, and won the bids of a number of key projects.


● Product MD680-100*8P (motor power 2,500kw), refreshes the record of a single-unit multi-stage pump with a large discharge flow and high head under the explosion-proof conditions of underground mines in the industry.


Listed as the Pilot Enterprise of Hunan Industrial Brand Cultivation;

Certified as "Provincial Famous Brand Products"


● Independently developed the DKS series Multi-stage Split Pump with a flow rate of 4,000m3/h, and power of 9,000kw, which filled the gap in the industry for large-flow and high-lift pumps;

● The production process has been optimized by introducing the casting process of lost mold and resin sand.


● Large-flow (2,400m3/h) and high-lift multistage pumps (MDS2400-85x5p) were delivered to Ningxia Zhongwei Huilin Agricultural Water Conservancy Project.


● Successfully developed the multi-stage pumps with the highest lift (1,140m) and max power (1,800kw) for the Yangdong Mine of Jizhong Energy Fengfeng Group, model DMS450-95×12(p);

● Successfully developed the first phase of Fubon Vanadium Titanium Water;

● Supply the multi-stage pump with the largest flow rate (1,200m3/h), model mds1200-85×3(p);

● Won the bid for the National Rescue Center Project, with a contract value of nearly 100 million RMB, for Pingmei Rescue Team, Kailuan Rescue Team, Shaanxi Coal Rescue Team, etc. More than a dozen national mine rescue teams provided reliable equipment;

● Company moved to the new factory.


● Successfully customized a self-balancing multi-stage pump of model MD450-95×11(p) for Anqing Copper Mine of Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group. And then became a manufacturer of multi-stage pumps with a thousand-meter lift;


● Successfully developed D(p)/DG(p) series energy-saving self-balancing multi-stage centrifugal pumps, which was the first in China and filled the blank in the industry;

● Successfully produced the new high-efficiency energy-saving self-priming pump series products developed and approved by Changsha Science and Technology Bureau.

● Cooperated with Guangzhou Changning Group to formally establish Changsha Changjia Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., specializing in the design, production and service of water pump automation equipment and monitoring systems and the design, production and sales of automation instruments and meters:

● Approved “High-Tech Enterprise" and "Provincial Famous Trademark";

● Passed technical appraisal of new products by the Hunan Provincial Economic Commission and Provincial Machinery Industry Management Office.


● Developed the first unit D450-95*8(p) level self-balancing multi-stage pump in the field;

Changsha Changjia Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. was registered and established;

● The turnover exceeded 50 million RMB.


● Passed the ISO9001:2008 Quality Certification of the China Quality Certification Center.


● Established the Energy Conservation Division, specializing in multi-stage pump energy-saving technical transformation and installation engineering and services


Changsha Canon General Pumps Co., Ltd. was registered and established;

● Selected into the Science and Technology Project Plan of the Ministry of Construction, and the air-conditioning energy-saving water pump was rated as the "Promotion Project of Building Energy-saving Series Products";

● Passed the safety certification for mine products (KA) and has obtained coal safety certification (MA).


● Achieved ISO9001: 2000 International Quality Management System Certification.


Changsha Multistage Pump Factory was restructured into Changsha Canon Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


● The turnover of Changsha Multistage Pump General Factory exceeded 10 million RMB.


● Changsha Industrial Pump Parts Factory was upgraded to Changsha Multistage Pump General Factory.


Changsha West-Liuyang Industrial Pump Parts Factory was established.