The birth of the first domestic self-balancing multi-stage pump for mining--Canon Action

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2018-07-27 00:00

In response to the above-mentioned problems, after careful investigation and summary, Canon Pumps decided to overcome these problems and developed a multi-stage pump for mines in the true sense, contributing to the promotion of China’s mine construction and the reduction of mine flooding accidents. A strength, but also to open up the sky of Canon pump industry in the mining field.

So Canon Pump decided to set up a project to develop new products to completely solve the problem of mine drainage and make its own contribution to the national mine drainage business.

For this purpose, Canon Pumps has done product research and development in the following directions:

1. Split multi-stage pump: completely solve the problem of excessive axial force of the multi-stage pump causing damage to the balance disc. The pump always works in a state of axial force balance, reducing the failure rate of mine drainage pumps and ensuring safe production in mines ; Solve the problem of poor anti-cavitation performance of multi-stage pumps, increase the utilization rate of the sump, maintain a higher safe water level margin of the sump, better respond to sudden water inrush, and avoid flooding in the pump room. The maintenance is particularly simple, the middle is directly opened, the installation and disassembly are simple, and the maintenance time is greatly shortened.

2, self-priming multi-stage pump; to solve the problem of complicated operation in the stage of multi-stage pump filling and drinking water, the self-priming type is used to fill the drinking water in one step to avoid improper manual operation that causes the drinking water to be turned on and damages the pump.

3. Amphibious multi-stage pump; solves the problem of the failure of the water pump in flooding under the sudden large amount of water inrush, and ensures that the drainage system can continue to perform drainage operations in any state to ensure the safety of the mine.

4. Self-balancing multi-stage pump; solve the problems of high failure rate, short life, unstable working condition, low continuous working efficiency and so on.

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