4 Awards in Economic Conference

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2023-02-17 10:00

On the morning of February 16, 2023, Liuyang Hi-Tech Development Zone held the 2023 Economic Work Conference.

The meeting reviewed and summarized the work for 2022, analyzed and evaluated the current situation, arranged and deployed the work for 2023, and gave concentrated commendation to advanced enterprises and individuals for 2022. For its outstanding achievements in the past year., Changsha Canon General Pumps Co., Ltd. has won the following awards:

2022 Innovation and Development Award

2022 Scale Development Award

2022 Market Development Award

2022 Tax Contribution Award


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As a leading enterprise in Liuyang High Tech Economic Development Zone, Changsha Canon Pumps Co., Ltd. adheres to innovation, always follows the market's continuous transformation and upgrading, develops new products, actively opens up new markets, and continuously develops and expands the scale of the enterprise. Through the joint efforts of all employees, the business performance and tax revenue in 2022 have significantly increased. Thank you to the park for recognizing and highly evaluating Changsha Canon Pump Industry in terms of product research and development, technological innovation, and tax contributions.

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