Single-Inlet Horizontal Split Multistage Centrifugal Pump

Easy maintenance High lift



FLOW: 96-1,360m3/h
Motor Power: 120-4,000kw



Horizontal split pump casing

Single-inlet structure type

Impeller design

Optimized internal runner structure

Compact mid-open surface

Reliable sealing



Model Applicable media Texture of material
DK Pure water, below 80℃ Flow passage parts material: cast iron
DFK Oil, temperature below 80℃,Viscosity less than 120 cSt Flow passage parts material: cast steel or cast stainless steel based on temperature and causticity of the fluid
DYK Corrosive fluids,   -20℃~105℃ Flow passage parts material: cast iron, cast steel or cast stainless steel based on the temperature of the fluid
MDK Fluids with solids ≤1.5%, dia. ≤0.5mm, temperature -20~80℃  Flow passage material: wear-resistance iron or ductile iron



· Horizontal split pump casing

Horizontal split type multi-stage pump, the pump casing is horizontally split along the axis line, and the inlet and outlet pipes are cast in the lower half of the pump body.

· Single-inlet structure type

Adopt the structure of a single inlet

·  Impeller design

Adopt the design method of closed impeller back-to-back distributed on the axis line

·  Optimized internal runner structure

The optimized design of the inner flow channel shows that the performance curve of the pump is flat, the range of high efficiency is wide, the flow stability is good under the non-designed flow rate, and the pressure fluctuation is small.

·  Compact mid-open surface

The optimized design of high-strength bolts densely packed between the pump body and pump cover can ensure that the pump runs smoothly under high pressure. The opening surface is specially glued to ensure no leakage.

·  Reliable sealing

Packing Seal, traditional two-part mechanical seal and container mechanical seal can be selected according to the characteristics of the medium.

The clean water medium is designed as a self-washing structure, and the sewage medium can only be used as an external structure.

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