Vertical Multistage Pump



Technical Data

 LG            DL
Flow:1.0~18/h            Flow:6.4~504/h
Head:14.9~183.7m           Head:18.7~268m


LG, DL series pumps are vertical single-suction multistage segmented centrifugal pumps, which are widely used in domestic construction projects and various trades. it can be used for conveying clean water below 80 °C  without solid particles or liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to clean water. According to user requirements, by changing the material of the pump flow parts, it can be used to transport corrosive liquids or finished petroleum products. Mainly used for high-rise buildings and municipal water supply, industrial and mining enterprises and boiler feed water, and other occasions.
The series pump is a vertical structure, the motor shaft and pump shaft are connected by claw coupling or elastic pin coupling. With its small footprint, compact structure, lightweight, low noise, excellent performance, reliable operation, long operating life, convenient installation and maintenance, etc, the product has reached the domestic advanced level.

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