Self-Balancing Boiler Feed Pump

New structure, stable, reliable


Medium and Low-pressure pump


DN: 40-200mm

FLOW: 3.75~335 m/h

Head: 92~760m
Motor Power: 7.5~500kw


Sub-High Pressure Pump


Flow: 17.4-336m3/h
Head: 92~760m
Motor Power: 75-1250kw




Applicable media

Texture of material


20~160℃ Pure water

Flow passage parts material: cast iron


•New structure

It has a rotor component with a symmetrical arrangement of impellers which can make the axial impulse of the positive and reverse groups of impellers counteract with each other, thus not needing a balancing disc device with a small gap, high voltage drop, easy erosion, easy abrasion and fault liability and making the breakthrough to the traditional structure of the multi-stage pump.

New technology

It has unique throttling, relief fitting and odd-level balancing devices,  it can also play the role of auxiliary support.

High efficiency and energy-saving

It uses an advanced hydraulic model which is a highly efficient energy-saving product independently researched & developed by our Because the pump rotor has no abrasion and axial pulsating movement of the balancing disc, the centring between the impeller and guide vane is always in the best condition, and the efficiency of it will not remarkably decrease along with abrasion of balancing disc and forward movement of rotator part as the general multi-stage pump. Furthermore, the water leakage has been eliminated to reduce the volume loss, the operating efficiency of the pump has been improved on the whole and shaft power has been reduced, the efficiency is 2%~3% higher than the general multi-stage pump on average.

High Reliability

The auto-balancing axial load reduces the abrasion of the pump and interference of the system to a minimum level. An extremely small part of the axial force is borne by thrust bearing. Thus the pump shaft is always under the tension state and the shaft has an even stress and strain state. In addition, the peak value stress has been remarkably reduced as compared with the original model, which increases the rigidity and critical rotation speed to improve the stability & reliability of the pump rotor remarkably.

High stability

The pump can still maintain a high level of stability and high operation efficiency after a long time of operation through the best matching between symmetric impellers and guide vanes as well as the proper matching gap and wider axial throttling design.

Good cavitation performance

Apart from an optimized hydraulic model and structural design and special severed head impeller double suction structure, it has also precise casting and reliable abrasion-resistant material, therefore, the pump has good anti-cavitation performance, the complete appliance operates stably with low noise and it is unnecessary for the user to additionally equip other fore pump or lift the height of the inlet water tank.

Even characteristics of thermal expansion (contraction) and good symmetry

The pump has even characteristics of thermal expansion(contraction) between the left and right side, up and down and it has good symmetry, therefore, it has successfully avoided the water leak problem among the stages due to thermal expansion(contraction).

Low maintenance rate

Adopting precision casting to reduce the wearing parts and maintenance dismounting times to prolong the product service life and save the overhaul and check time, in addition, a series of problems due to excessive dismounting has been reduced to maximum extent and maintenance cost has been reduced by using.

Strong applicability

It uses advanced combined modularization design, and the local components which have undergone a great quantity of use and a long period of application have a high level of interchangeability.

It has eliminated small gap-balancing disc devices, which can adapt to worse medium cases as compared to traditional structures.

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