Four-Volutes Self-Balancing Multistage Centrifugal Pump

Thrust free, larger flow


II generation of self-balancing pump spectrum new planning,   performance coverage range.  From small flow to large flow,   from low head to high head,  the second generation of self-    balancing  multistage  pump  will  achieve  full  performance   coverage, the planned performance range is wider and more complete than other multistage pumps on the market, and will achieve coverage without dead Angle.

       New hydraulic model, high efficiency, excellent cavitation performance.   The efficiency of the second generation  self    balancing multistage pump is based on the "Energy Efficiency  Limit and Energy Saving Evaluation  Value  of  clean  water       centrifugal  Pump (GB19762)", which can increase  more than 2%.     Considering the efficiency and cavitation parameters of the pump comprehensively, the  structure  form and speed of the first stage impeller of the pump are reasonably configured, so that the efficiency and cavitation parameters under the flow rate and head can be optimized.   For large flow pump,    it is  necessary cavitation  allowance is  not more than 5m.



Model Applicable media Texture of material
DPS Pure water, below 80℃ Flow passage parts material: cast iron
DFPS Oil, temperature below 80℃,Viscosity less than 120 cSt   Flow passage parts material: cast steel or cast stainless steel based on temperature and causticity of the fluid
DYPS Corrosive fluids, -20℃~105℃ Flow passage parts material: cast iron, cast steel or cast stainless steel based on the temperature of the fluid
MDPS Fluids with solids ≤1.5%, dia. ≤0.5mm, temperature -20~80℃     Flow passage material: wear-resistance iron or ductile iron

The main features of self-balancing products in Generation II

·The highly reliable structure design -- the middle transition section of the four vortex chamber, minimizes the axial size, reduces the length-diameter ratio of the pump rotor, and effectively improves the rigidity, which is very important for the large series of pumps.

The radial force problem is solved when the pump runs away from the rated point in the spiral water pressure chamber without a middle partition, and the rotor force condition is optimized.

·The efficiency of the whole pump becomes higher, which solves the problem that the annular pressure chamber has no transition passage, and the efficiency is improved to a certain extent. Higher specific speed impeller design, pump efficiency is further improved, and the whole pump energy consumption is greatly reduced.

·Taking into account the relationship between performance, cost and operational reliability. And the operation reliability - performance - cost as the priority direction. Performance includes efficiency, cavitation and speed; The cost includes production cost, operation cost and maintenance cost of the product; Operational reliability includes the failure rate and service life of the product, as well as the possibility of cavitation damage, adaptability to transport medium characteristics, etc.

·The project research and development led by the technology centre -- the spectrum planning of this series of products, the confirmation of the performance parameters of each specification, the formulation of the pump main structure scheme, the product trial production follow-up, product confirmation and other processes are led by the company's technology centre.

·Production-university-research cooperation, giving full play to their respective advantages to ensure the smooth implementation of the project--part of the high-efficiency hydraulic model of the project was developed in cooperation with the university research institution. In the development process, a large number of advanced CFD technology was adopted to improve the development schedule and ensure the reliability of the development model; This project also introduced the excellent industrial design company in Hangzhou to carry out the industrial design of the product, to ensure the product character

In line with the international industrial design trend and the public aesthetic concept.

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