Boiler Feed Water Pump

Traditionl structure, stable, reliable


Medium and Low pressure pump


FLOW:3.75~185 ㎥/h


Motor Power: 3~450kw

Sub-high Pressure Pump



FLOW: 17.4-336m3/h

Head: 360~1110m

Motor Power: 75-1250kw




Applicable media

Texture of material


20~160℃ Pure water

Flow passage parts material: cast iron


This series of pumps adopt the hydraulic model of energy-efficient products recommended by the state. The utility model has the advantages of high efficiency, wide performance range, safe and stable operation, low noise, long service life and convenient installation and maintenance.

Structural characteristics

The inlet and outlet of the pump are vertically upward, and the inlet, middle, outlet and bearing body of the pump are connected into a whole by tightening bolts. Select the pump stage according to the pump head.

The rotor part of the pump is mainly composed of the shaft and the impeller installed on the shaft, the shaft sleeve, the balance plate and other parts, in which the number of the impeller is determined according to the series of the pump. The parts on the shaft are fastened with flat keys and shaft nuts to make them integrated with the shaft. The entire rotor is supported by rolling bearings or sliding bearings at both ends. Bearings according to different models, are not subject to axial force, the axial force by the balance plate balance. Pump in operation to allow the rotor in the pump shell axial swimming, can not be used radial ball bearings. The rolling bearing is lubricated with grease, the sliding bearing is lubricated with thin oil, and the oil ring is self-lubricated, and the circulating water is cooled.

The sealing surface between the inlet, middle and outlet sections of the pump is sealed with a sealant, and the sealing ring and guide vane sleeve are installed between the rotor part and the fixed part for sealing. When the wear degree of the sealing ring and guide vane sleeve has affected the working performance of the pump, it should be replaced.

There are two sealing forms of shaft: mechanical seal and packing seal. When the pump adopts a packing seal, the position of the packing ring should be correct, the loosening degree of the packing must be appropriate, and it is appropriate for the liquid to seep out one drop at a time. All kinds of sealing components of the pump are installed in the sealing box, which should be filled with certain pressure water to act as a water seal, water cooling or water lubrication. A replaceable sleeve is installed at the shaft seal to protect the pump shaft.

This type of pump generally uses a rolling bearing, dry oil lubrication structure, DG85-67 DG155-67 type pump can use sliding bearing, thin oil lubrication structure, and can also use a rolling bearing, dry oil lubrication structure. The main parts of the pump are generally made of high-quality cast iron. Cast steel or stainless steel can also be used.

The pump is directly driven by the prime mover through the elastic coupling.

From the prime mover, the pump rotates in a clockwise direction.

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